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A boutique studio located in Berlin offering commercial and private clients a seamless experience with expertise at all stages of the workflow.

Analog Mastering, Mixing, Stem Mastering. Your music is pushed into the analog domain - creatively enhanced and captured in real time using high end converters and hardware processing from Solid State Logic, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, Bettermaker, Elysia, Heritage Audio, Dangerous Music.

Production, Sound Design, Music Supervision. Skilled and versed in the latest production techniques, working with a hybrid of analogue hardware and digital technology delivering unique high fidelity sound assets and music pieces animating key messages through music - utilising a synergy of performing, recording, mixing and mastering to additional production working with a wide array of genres offering a sophisticated musical continuity, crafting all works to be conceptual in their reactionary possibilities.  Creating for film, short movies, animated movies, commercials, corporate videos, art installations, games and interactive multimedia, 

art is the elimination of the unnecessary.


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Analog Stereo Mastering  - The final process to enhance and optimise your music with technical and artistic uses of such things as analog compression, eqing and limiting your audio is bought to life with elusive depth and character.

Analog Stem mastering - A more flexible hybrid approach to the final process to achieve the same sonic goal. Tracks that are divided into stems (ie. Kick, Bass, All Synths, Percussion....) allows for more precise control and processing.

Analog Mixing - Complete mixing of all elements in balance and space of your song to achieve a professional sound. The song should be completed in arrangement and structure.

music production/


music supervision/

For producrers in need of production help, final tweaks or additional production and instrument retracking throught to mixing and mastering.  Drawing on years of experience sucessfully releasing high fidelity music I help artists through the creative or technical hurdles standing in the way of their music reaching its full potentional before its final release.  After an initial technical and creative review of your music we discuss your needs - you will receive fully mixed & mastered files for you to release commercially on any platform. Any additional music elements that are needed to finish the song or replace exising sounds will be recorded from a vast collection of analog synths and drum machines.  As everyones neededs are different the price will depend on what your needs are and the work that will be required - please inquire with a sample of your music and requests to

For multimedia projects that require something tailor made. I create boutique sound pieces, songs and audio asset collections to fit the breif for film, commercials, corporate videos, art projects, games and interactive multimedia.

Whatever the music your project needs. From music searches through to licensing and handling all the complexities of clearing music rights.


You can make a request for Mastering or Production work via the online form or visit the studio website. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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